Here is a description of how today’s Republican party works:

Republicans choose a candidate at the local, state or national level.  Republicans then rally around that candidate, no matter how extreme or objectionable the candidate may be.  On the campaign trail in 2016, Republican contenders berated Trump as unfit to serve, as an immoral disaster.  But once a nominee is chosen, no character defect is large enough that it can’t be overlooked, even if it means accepting half-truths, falsehoods or outright lies.  Trump isn’t a liar–he tells it like it is.  Trump isn’t a serial philanderer–he’s so rich and popular that numerous women have falsely accused him of affairs.  Republicans fall in line and turn out to vote.  For them, voting is no longer a statement of personal morality.  It is an exercise in power to achieve certain ends, no matter what the means.

This approach has placed horrible people in positions of power.  It almost elevated a child molester to the Senate.  But it has given the Republicans total control of many state houses, and total control of all three branches of the Federal government.

Here is a description of how today’s Democratic party works:

Democrats choose a candidate at the local, state or national level.  Democrats then bicker about the flaws of the candidate, no matter how generally acceptable and outstanding the candidate may be.  If Democrats agree with 95% of the policy positions of the candidate, they will focus on the missing 5%.  And no character defect is small enough to overlook, even if it means demoralizing the voters and destroying enthusiasm.  Kerry is so qualified and accomplished–but the wind surfing pictures!  Hillary is so qualified and accomplished–but she took PAC money!  Democrats fall out of love and stay home.  For them, voting is a statement of personal morality.  It is an expression of values, with too little concern for the ultimate consequences of winning or losing.  (SCOTUS!)

This approach has produced some outstanding candidates.  And it has rightly allowed many Democrats to feel morally superior to Republicans.  But it has also ceded control of almost every lever of power to the Republicans.

Here is a true fact:

There are millions more registered Democrats in the United States than Republicans.  The Democrats have become, in a very real and literal sense, the moral majority.  But we will continue to lose elections if we don’t turn out to vote.  And we won’t get enough turnout if we demand our candidates to check every single box, or to pass moral purity tests or policy purity tests.  We don’t have to accept candidates that are pathological liars or sexual predators–the Republicans currently have that covered.  But we shouldn’t reject candidates because they want strong borders.  Or because they own a gun.  Or because they said something stupid twenty years ago.  Or because we liked another primary contender better.

If we want to take back control of some part of our government, we have to set aside petty gripes.  We have to stop infighting and internal bickering.  We have to stop looking back at the last election, and look forward with realism and determination.  And most of all, we have to be willing to get dirty battling like hell for the country we want.  We are facing ruthless, immoral foes backed by billions of dollars of greed.  If some of us stay home because we didn’t nominate the perfect candidate, we are going to keep losing.  And in the face of creeping fascism from the Trump regime, losing is not an option.  We can get back to winning by working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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