Antonio Delgado won the Democratic primary in NY-19 last night.  Congratulations to candidate Delgado on a hard-earned victory–you have the full support of ITFIO as you move forward to unite our district and Fire Feckless Faso.  Over 35,115 votes were cast versus 19,362 in 2016 – an 81.36% increase!!  That was a staggering increase, and was a testament to the hard work of the seven candidates, as well as the desperation our district feels under the cloud of Trump and Faso.  The Blue Wave is building in NY-19…

To the six contenders:

Thank you for all of your passion and hard work.  You set aside many months of your lives to run for office and help serve your fellow citizens, and your commitment through this grueling process was an inspiration.  Please stay involved in the politics of this district.  You have so much to offer in such a dark and dispiriting time.  Your values and talents are badly needed at every level of local government, and the many friends you made on this journey will continue to support and encourage you.  Also, please implore your volunteers and supporters to stay involved in the fight to Fire Faso.  We need all hands on deck.

To the voters:

If you’re reading this, you’re probably disappointed.  Almost four of every five primary voters in NY-19 cast their ballot yesterday for a candidate who lost.  This is the bitter reality when seven contenders, all exceptional candidates, run for office.  Though it might be difficult, please find a way to embrace the outcome and get ready to work to elect Delgado, who will be far, far better for the health and well being of our district than Faso.  Any other course–whining, complacency, inaction, infighting, purity tests, finger pointing–only helps Faso.  If you have quibbles with Delgado, wait until he is elected and then talk to him about your concerns.  He won’t be an invisible representative like Faso.  He will listen.  There is too much at stake to nitpick.  Now is the time for unity.  This is especially critical if you volunteered for any of the other campaigns–you are some of the most dedicated and hard-working activists in our district, and we cannot beat John Faso without your continued commitment and effort.  Donald Trump is a catastrophe for this nation, and has set the clock back decades on the environment, civil rights, foreign policy, immigration, progressive taxation, health insurance and the social safety net.  Rep John Faso has only enabled this destruction, so November will be our first chance to fight back and set our nation and district on a better course.  We need a Congressional representative who holds a corrupt and immoral president to account, and who supports policies and laws that help our friends and neighbors, not hurt them.  It is neither melodramatic nor hyperbolic to point out that the next two general elections will be the most important of our lifetimes.  So please stay involved in this new phase of our effort to Fire Feckless Faso by supporting Antonio Delgado…


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