It’s PRIMARY DAY in New York!

Tomorrow we will know who our party’s nominee will be, and regardless of who wins, we will have a great candidate to get behind.  Make sure you know where your polling place is, carve out some time, then go vote for your preferred Democratic contender and be part of this exciting & vital choice.

As an incentive, here are the concerns of Republican strategist Steve Schmidt from an appearance on MSNBC yesterday:

“[Trump is] inciting through mass rallies and constant lying fervor in a political base. He scapegoats minority populations and affixes blame to them for every problem the country faces, he alleges conspiracies of nefarious forces, he creates a mass sense of victimization amongst his base and then he asserts extraordinary clams of power to protect the victims from the scapegoated populations and the nefarious conspiracy. That is fundamentally illiberal, deeply unAmerican and frankly can be straight out of Munich circa 1928. It’s very alarming.”

“This [border separation] policy is one of purposeful abject cruelty and meanness. It’s not accidental. This is Donald Trump. And he’s using very purposeful words–infestation, invasion–to incite fervor in a base. He doesn’t even have a pretense any longer of being president of the entire country, he is the leader of a faction that is trying to impose systematic cruelty upon all the rest of us and that’s why it wasn’t that Sarah Sanders was kicked out of a restaurant because she lies every day, it wasn’t until we had 3yr-olds in cages that these people couldn’t go into pubic.”

If this critique by a Republican strategist doesn’t motivate you, nothing will.  Trump is a dangerous affront to our history and our values, and it’s up to US to begin the process of voting him and his enablers out of office.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…



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