Keeping up with the cruel, soulless Trump Administration is exhausting. There is no joy in writing about a vengeful, sleazy, inept, lying president day after day.  But it’s essential.  This isn’t a fight about a policy, or a mere party platform. It’s a fight between truth and lies, and the institutions that help us know the difference.  It’s a fight for the soul of our nation.  Will we stop trying to be a moral leader and beacon of hope to the “huddled masses, yearning to be free”, valuing liberty and justice for all? Or will we instead become a nation of hatred and selfishness, where ethnicity determines opportunity and social status, and compassion is for losers? Trump has relentlessly demonized immigrants as lazy, violent criminals and rapists, vermin from “shit-hole countries” who are a mortal threat to our nation–all with an obvious undertone of racism and bigotry–and his divisive message has been echoed by Fox and other propaganda outlets.  Paul Krugman put this disgusting strategy in sharp focus yesterday in the NY Times:

We have to reject this crisis of hatred and send it back beneath the rock from whence it crawled.

Another of the challenges of the Trump disaster is the sheer volume of scandal and distraction that flows daily from the White House.  Trump’s Twitter feed alone is a constant fountain of lies, manipulation and mental vomit. So with all of the understandable and appropriate outrage over the family separations at the border, as well as the latest shit show that the poorly conceived Trump executive order has wrought, let’s not lose sight of several other important developments that have taken place over the last 48 hours.

1 – Trump wants to merge the Department of Education with the Department of Labor, two agencies that Trumpublicans would love to eliminate entirely.  To them, what could be less important than education and workers??  The billionaires that own Trump and the GOP don’t want agencies keeping them from abusing workers, and they don’t want public schools that they can make no money from.  The billionaires would prefer to own our schools and skewer our students, and they would prefer to abuse and squeeze their workers without constraint.  So Trump is bringing the billionaires closer to their dreams.

2 – Rhode Island passed a bill that requires any candidate for President to have released their tax returns before they are allowed on the ballot.  This is an excellent idea, and an area where states can step up and fill the vacuum created by a feckless and impotent Republican Congress.  We need to urge our leaders in New York to pass the same law.

3 – The Trumpublican budget for 2019, featuring Draconian cuts to Social Security, Medicaid & Medicare, and repealing the ACA, passed out of committee yesterday and will get a floor vote in the House.  John Faso is a member of this committee, and supported this bill that does serious damage to our district.  The budget deficit that this bill aims to reduce was greatly worsened by the GOP tax scam passed last year.  So the House GOP wants to screw average Americans to fund tax cuts for billionaires.  It’s unclear if this bill will have the votes to pass the full House, much less to pass the Senate, it’s a dark cloud on the horizon.

4 – The House passed the Farm Bill yesterday, including mean-spirited cuts to the SNAP or “food stamp” program that so many of our citizens rely upon to make ends meet.  Once again, Faso voted for this bill, which will harm thousands in our district.

Faso consistently votes against the interests of his constituents, and we need to make sure they know it.  We need to find ways to cut through the bullshit from Fox and Limbaugh and let our citizens know how badly Faso is doing.  He works for the Kochs and Mercers, not the workers, and the sooner we repeal and replace him, the less suffering out friends and neighbors will have to endure.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

One thought on “Day 518 – Faso Votes To Cut Safety Net

  1. Excellent comment. There’s anger in it, which is good as long as it’s tempered by the cooling clarity of careful language, which it most emphatically is. We have to hold Faso responsible for his votes. They’re the harsh reality behind his slick, soothing rhetoric; they tell us the flesh-and-blood impact of a Republican House elected to another term.


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