Rep John Faso was interviewed by Susan Arbetter of WCNY radio on June 15th, and since Faso won’t hold a real town hall with the citizens who pay his salary, radio interviews are one of the few windows we have into his positions, or lack of them.

Susan asked him about his stance on the Mueller probe, and his response was that the investigation had been going on for too long and needed to conclude soon.  He felt that Mueller has had long enough to draw conclusions about the subject of the probe, and should tell the public what he has found.  To any student of history and certainly to any member of the legal system, Faso’s viewpoint is absurd.  Watergate took over four years to investigate, for example.  Trumpublicans will counter that Russiagate isn’t nearly as serious as Watergate, itself an absurd assertion since we don’t know the scope nor depth of Russiagate thanks to an impressively secretive office of Special Council.  But even the Valerie Plame investigation took over three years to complete. Hell, the Whitewater investigation took seven-and-a-half years to wrap up.  It’s hard not to conclude that Faso and his party want an end to the Mueller probe not in the interest of justice, but because their corrupt “standard bearer” is hiding something big.  So much for patriotism.

Faso was also asked about the Trump Administration practice of separating children from parents at the border.  He said that families should not be separated while their immigration status was pending–which was the Obama policy–but wasn’t clear on whether there was actually a law that requires family separation to occur.  He’s troubled by the “zero tolerance policy” of AG Jeff Session’s DOJ, but he wants further clarification of what the law says, what the precedents are, and is going to do the research himself before saying that the DOJ doesn’t have to be doing what they are doing.  He would like a comprehensive legislative solution to family separation, though such a bill seems like a long-shot. Faso seems to be taking the right position here, but as with so many other important issues, he won’t raise his voice and provide moral leadership, especially when it comes to criticism of a policy that radical Trumpublicans support.

“Families shouldn’t be separated but I’m not sure what the law really says and I’m going to study it more and blah blah blah.”

Committing to a position, especially a moral position, makes it easier for opponents to attack you.  Faso doesn’t have the courage of his convictions because he doesn’t have courage.  He’d rather hide in the land of “maybe this, maybe that” and try to avoid criticism, but that’s not leadership–that’s the opposite of moral courage.

All the more reason to replace Faso with a representative who cares more about doing the right thing than holding office at-any-cost.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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