Trump did two things during the week that could have devastating impacts on citizens in our district.

First, Trump’s DOJ decided not to enforce provisions of the ACA.  Even though the ACA is the law of the land, duly enacted by Congress, AG Jeff Sessions declared last week that the DOJ would not defend provisions in the ACA protecting people with pre-existing conditions.  More here:

Around 130 million Americans have pre-existing health conditions, and many of them remember how horrible (and lethal) our old health insurance system was before the protections of the ACA became law.  Yet the Trump administration and many Trumpublicans in Congress apparently want to return to the Draconian days of yesteryear and again screw people with health problems out of fair and affordable health insurance.  Candidate Trump promised to protect people with pre-existing conditions rather than abandon them, but the latest move by his DOJ seems like a massive betrayal.

Candidate Trump also made promises to our farmers.  He promised more jobs, more profits, winning winning winning!  But his latest trade-war tariffs on China have caused retaliation, and China is now slapping retaliatory tariffs on American soybeans.  New York State farmers plant 270,000 acres of soybeans, some of which is grown in NY-19, producing over $100 million in profits per year, and the China tariffs are going to crush these profits. The pain will be especially acute in Iowa, the center of American soybean production and a state that voted for Trump:

Candidate Trump made all sorts of extravagant promises in order to get elected, which is exactly what a con-man does.  But on trade policy he had no intention of formulating comprehensive long-term plans.  At this point, it’s hard to imagine he even has the competence to formulate complex plans.  Instead, he reflexively proceeded from the transactional belief that if other countries are doing well under trade agreements, they are doing so at our expense.

Trump can’t grasp the concept of “mutually beneficial”, so every situation he encounters must have a winner and loser.  And Trump decided that our incredibly prosperous nation was somehow the global trade loser.  We didn’t lose the steel industry from cheaper labor and cheaper minerals abroad, nor as the result of an organic capitalistic process, but rather because of “unfair” trade agreements!  So Trump is shredding our global commitments, and our soybean farmers are starting to feel the pain of Trump’s unintended consequences.  Other industries will surely follow.

Rep John Faso, who was elected to safeguard the health and welfare of our district, should be screaming bloody murder at these damaging policies, but his tenure is a sham.  He doesn’t work for the average citizen, the farmer or the sick.  He works for the billionaires and wealthy special interests from outside our district who pour money into his political campaigns (often through dark-money PACs).  They rely on Faso to protect their wealth and their business interests–no matter how polluting or outdated or toxic–to the exclusion of all else.

Faso is an adept partisan hack.  He’s good at sounding like a moderate and pretending to be a reasonable legislator, but as a leader he’s an utter failure.  His record in Congress hurts our district and his silence on the corruption of the Trump administration hurts our nation.  His lack of leadership on tariffs and pre-existing conditions add to an already disgraceful record with dire consequences for our district, and should be used to flog him as we approach the midterms.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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