New York interim Attorney General Underwood filed a suit against the Trump Foundation yesterday after a two-year investigation.  The suit alleges sweeping and repeated violations of the law, and includes charges of campaign finance violations, improper use of funds, and illegal coordination with the Trump campaign. The AG is also attempting to dissolve the Foundation and bar Trump and his children from serving on non-profit foundations in NYS.

Trump gave his usual response, blaming a “deep state, Democrat conspiracy” for the charges, but the details were damning and confirmed rumors and reporting that have been circling the Foundation for years.  For example, actual Trump Foundation receipts appeared on social media that showed Trump’s handwriting directing the misuse of funds, which can’t be easily explained away.  Moreover, these were not Federal charges, but rather state charges that he can’t pardon his way out of.  While no criminal charges are likely to be brought against individuals, there could still be large fines to the Foundation and yet another massive stain on Trump and his corrupt brand. 

It’s important to note that Trump and his supporters have for years blasted the Clinton Foundation for dirty dealings like those Trump is now charged with.  Which highlights the point, made in this blog before, that the things Trump accuses others of are almost always things he himself is guilty of, a psychological phenomenon known as projection.

Crooked Hilary – Trump is the most crooked president in our lifetime.

Crazy Joe Biden – Trump is a historically erratic and impulsive public figure.

Cheatin’ Obama – Trump cheats on his wives, cheats at golf, etc.

Lyin’ Ted Cruz – Trump is a pathological liar.

Low Energy Jeb Bush – Trump is the laziest president in modern history.

Fake News – Trump is backed by an entire network (Fox) of spin and propaganda.

Sleepy Eyes Chuck Todd – Trump’s eyes have become quite baggy and swollen.

Little – Trump uses the “little” label on many people, because he feels “less than”.

And so on, ad nauseam.  It’s such an obvious tell.

As many reporters and friends of the president have acknowledged, Trump never expected to become president. And he never expected that his financial history would come under a microscope, much less a special investigator.  So it’s easy to see why Trump and his inner circle would be intensely disturbed by these latest charges

Did John Faso respond to this suit brought by the Department of Justice of his home state?  Of course not.  Did he respond to the heartless separation of children from their parents at the border? Of course not.  Did he sign the discharge petition to bring Net Neutrality to a vote in the House?  Of course not.  He bravely continued to pick low-hanging fruit on social media by touting his support for preventing synthetic drugs like fentanyl from entering the U.S. via international mail.

We need a Rep who cares that the White House is occupied by a lawbreaking grifter whose only allegiance is to himself.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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