Trump’s much-heralded summit with Kim Jong Un gave the North Korean dictator everything his family has wanted for decades.  Legitimacy, praise, and no annual war games.  In return, we got empty promises.  Trump has no idea what he is doing, other than following his impulses, which are the same impulses that have produced a vast catalog of loathsome, mean-spirited, vengeful, hateful comments about any number of people and topics. Trump, with no real plan or strategy, offered flattery and concessions to Kim, but it’s quite possible that Trump’s advisers are playing a longer game.

Trump may want a “win” on the world stage, even if it just means high ratings for a TV summit full of hot air, but his advisers know that North Korea is unlikely to give up its nukes under any circumstances.  And advisers like John Bolton are just looking for an excuse to start a war with North Korea, a fact confirmed by his public statements. So it’s entirely likely that Bolton told Trump to kiss Kim’s ass and paint a rosy picture of the peaceful possibilities, which will only make Kim’s ultimate rejection of denuclearization that much more stark and egregious.

It’s quite possible that this summit, producing high expectations that will surely be dashed, is merely a high-profile pretext for war. It’s not hard to imagine Trump in three or four months, saying “Well folks, little rocket man didn’t get rid of all his nukes like he promised, so we had no choice but to strike his command center with a bunker buster bomb. Unfortunately, North Korea was still able to fire all of their weapons on South Korea, which no longer exists–too bad–but hey, they’re not Americans so we can put this whole North Korea thing behind us now.”

Of course, Faso said nothing about the grotesque summit–a summit that violated every Republican principle from years and administrations past–instead focusing his attention on his opioid legislation that includes a booklet for seniors on alternatives to opioids.  It’s a decent initiative, but falls into the category of fiddling while Rome burns.

The Democratic primary is less than two weeks away.  We are moving ever closer to a candidate that we can help beat Faso in the midterms and restore some sort of check and balance against the worst, most corrupt, most inept, and possibly criminal president of the modern era.  Keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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