While Trump continues to wreak havoc on the world stage, completing a showy meeting with North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un that was long on buzz and short on substance, our local Congressional Rep John Faso was busy Tweeting about Lyme disease and imported synthetic opiods.  You know, the big controversies that nobody can agree on.

It’s no surprise that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan’s Super PAC just gave Faso $1 million for the midterms, because Feckless Faso’s going to need it.  Here is what the DCCC had to say yesterday:

Addressing the announcement that Paul Ryan’s Super PAC, CLF, will spend $1 million to protect career politician and former lobbyist John Faso, DCCC Spokesman Evan Lukaske issued the following statement:

“It’s clear why Speaker Ryan’s Super PAC is propping up career politician and former lobbyist John Faso. Faso voted for the health care repeal bill, which would have increased premiums, gutted protections for pre-existing conditions, imposed an age tax, and thrown millions of hardworking Americans off their health care. Unlike Faso, whose votes are dictated by special interests and campaign donors, the strong and impressive Democratic field here will put this community first.”

Lukaske added, “If CLF’s dismal track record in the PA-18 special election and California primaries is any indication, voters here will have a Democrat representing them next year.”

Faso has a lot to answer for, and since he never holds open, public town halls, he never has to.  But his awful record in Congress is proof that he consistently votes for the billionaires and against the rest of us.  If the voters of our district truly knew his track record, he would never be re-elected…and this is our challenge.

Luckily, Faso does not seem to have widespread grass-roots support.  His social media presence is tepid, and the people who respond to it are all Democrats outraged by his votes.  Very few people come to his defense on Twitter, and his political team on Twitter is spotty and erratic at best.  These are only anecdotes, but they suggest that Faso’s supporters are less than passionate, perhaps because some of them are demoralized by Trump, and no amount of PAC money is going to change that dynamic.

The Ryan PAC money only furthers the narrative that Faso isn’t backed by our district but rather by wealthy outsiders trying to buy his vote.  We need a Rep who works for our friends and neighbors, not the billionaire hedge fund manager in the Hamptons or the desperate, spineless House Speaker from Wisconsin.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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