A lot happened last week.  Trump insulted the G-7 meeting and Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau, fulfilling Vladimir Putin’s longstanding dream of driving a wedge between the U.S. and the other G-7 nations.  Trump’s administration decided not to enforce the law as it pertains to the ACA, opening the possibility that insurance companies will be able to walk away from covering pre-existing conditions.  And the Trump administration doubled down on its uniquely ghastly policy of separating children from their parents at the border, even if the families are seeking political asylum.

With all the horrible things happening in Washington thanks to Trump, this would be a great week to call the offices of our elected officials.  Call Senators Schumer and Gillibrand if you have the time, but mostly importantly call Congressman John Faso.  His number is 202-225-5614.

Three items to push:

1 — Implore Faso to support House Bill #5950, the “HELP Separated Children Act”, because the treatment of families at the border by Trump is an unAmerican insult to our values and principles.

2 – Implore Faso to condemn Trump’s DOJ for not enforcing the law of the ACA that requires insurers to cover pre-existing conditions–a promise Faso made at the start of his tenure.

3 – Implore Faso to sign the discharge petition to force the House to vote to restore Net Neutrality rules, which expire TODAY.  He has not signed it yet.

Bonus item:

4 – Tell Faso that we want to know why Trump does Russia’s dirty work at every turn while insulting our allies? It’s a pattern, it’s obvious, and it’s an outrage.

It’s important to keep the pressure on Faso and let him know that we are engaged and passionate about these and other issues.

If Faso takes action on any or all of these issues, our community and nation will be better for it.  If he doesn’t, we can use it against him in the midterms.

Organize to Fire Feckless Faso…

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