It’s clear that the Trump Administration and the GOP will do anything to deliver lower taxes to the billionaire plutocrats who own them.  And they will destroy any institution or law or norm that gets in their way, including the Constitution.  They understand that they will likely lose power this November due to the historic disapproval and distaste their party and ideas evoke among a majority of sensible Americans, so they are working overtime to wreck whatever they can before the Midterms.

Their most important target is the ACA, the safety net that provides insurance and insurance protection to millions of Americans, which is despised by the cold, soulless hearts of the GOP.  The Trump administration is now taking a new route to break up and dismantle the ACA, and I’ll let an excellent article by Ruth Marcus at the Washington Post describe what is happening:

…unfolding right now in the midst of the president’s various rhetorical wars — with our Group of Seven partners, with the special counsel, with his own attorney general — is the administration’s remarkable move not to defend the constitutionality of key parts of the Affordable Care Act.

This is a huge deal. First, if the administration’s position prevails, millions of Americans will lose the protections they thought they had against being denied coverage if they suffer from preexisting conditions. Second, and perhaps even scarier, the administration’s behavior sets a dangerous precedent about the obligation of this and future presidents to follow their constitutional duty to faithfully execute the laws enacted by Congress.–and-with-it-the-law/2018/06/08/599fe25a-6b60-11e8-9e38-24e693b38637_story.html

Let’s be clear here.  They Trump administration is breaking a key campaign trail promise by intentionally taking a course–to not enforce the laws enacted by Congress–that will allow insurance companies to deny coverage to people with pre-existing conditions.

This could be a disaster for millions of Americans, and tens of thousands in our district.  It’s a disgraceful betrayal of the American people, and yet another despicable gift to the greedy CEOs who run the wildly profitable health insurance industry.

John Faso made clear that he supported protecting people with pre-existing conditions, and said so in public.  Will Faso speak out against this blatant betrayal of the law by the DOJ, and protect people with pre-existing conditions, or will he stand silent like a coward?  His track record of fealty to a historically corrupt president does not give us much hope that he will do anything meaningful to pressure the DOJ to enforce a vital provision of current law, and this is yet another issue we need to hang around his neck like an anchor in the race to the Midterms.

The GOP have revealed themselves.  They don’t give a damn about the health and welfare of average Americans, and we need to try to cut through the B.S. of Fox “News” and let our friends and neighbors know that the things many of them rely upon, or may need in the near future, are in mortal jeopardy, like affordable and fair health insurance, social security and Medicare.

Let’s spread the news that the GOP wants to screw people with pre-existing conditions, and let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso.

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