Yesterday Rep John Faso published several Tweets that were noteworthy, one from his personal account and one from his official Rep account.  His personal account Tweet went after NY-19 contender Jeff Beals, linking him with Susan Sarandon and Rolling Stone magazine, presumably for Matt Taibbi’s recent positive coverage of Beals’ campaign, and Faso called single payer a “scheme”.

That Faso wants to attack single payer after trying his best to dismantle the ACA is just the latest manifestation of his heartless desire to strip our fellow citizens of any financial or health security in order to lower taxes on his billionaire backers.  Faso has been nationally castigated for promising a neighbor with brain cancer that he wouldn’t take her health care away, then voting to take her health care away.  So Faso is sticking to the failed notion that greedy, unregulated insurance companies will do a better job of insuring our citizens than any variation of single-payer, medicare-for-all, etc.

It’s notable that Faso’s tweet was quickly slammed by a number of NY-19 residents unhappy with his stance on health care, while absolutely nobody on Twitter came to his defense, which is part of a larger social media pattern.  For the last year, very few voices have risen to support Faso on Twitter, while a host of opposition voices regularly troll his posts and express their anger and displeasure.  Where is his base?

The second post was from his official Rep account touting efforts to provide improvements to ports, dams, inland waterways, and more:

Twitter immediately reminded Faso that he had voted to allow mountaintop removal mining waste to be dumped into rivers and streams under the Orwellian “Stream Preservation Act”, a law that reversed hard-fought critical water protections and left environmentalists horrified.  Once again, nobody came to Faso’s defense on Twitter, perhaps because it’s hard to defend a law that lets the dying coal industry destroy what’s left of Appalachia and dump their toxic sludge into the citizens’ drinking water.

Faso’s ham-fisted social media activity reflects a Representative desperate to pretend he has done something–anything–good for his district.  But it’s a hard sell.  He’s tried to destroy what little health insurance access and stability we have under the ACA, he’s made our state and local taxes no longer deductible, he won’t do a single thing to regulate guns, he’s made it easier to pollute rivers and streams, he’s happy that taxes were cut for the billionaire class, and he’s suddenly, magically comfortable with an extra two-trillion in debt after spending his career shrieking about the mortal danger to the Republic of budget deficits under Obama.  No wonder his current strategy to energize his base is the tired old dog-whistle that immigrant gang members are coming to kill us all and then take our jobs.

From the anecdotal evidence on social media, Faso does not have a passionate, engaged base on most of these issues.  The only push-back comes when gun control is mentioned, where a few NRA members in our area surface because they live in a constant state of agitated fear that Democrats will someday come to confiscate all their guns, leaving them defenseless to the immigrant gang members coming to kill them.  Other than that, Faso receives a constant stream of derision when he posts.

Once we choose a candidate, however, the Republicans will have a fixed target to attack, so we must continue to be engaged, and active if possible on social media, and get ready to support and promote whoever our district elects.  Let’s keep working to Fire Feckless Faso…

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