On Thursday Trump pardoned right-wing extremist Dinesh D’Souza from an Election Fraud conviction even though Trump didn’t put the pardon through the usual Justice Department review and despite the fact that D’Souza pled guilty and gave an allocution of his guilt in open court.  Here is what Michelle Goldberg said about this historic abuse of presidential power:


It seems this is just the latest move by Trump to send a message to the people in his Administration under indictment that he has their backs.  It’s yet another ethical line that Trump has blown past.  His rationale was identical to his pardon of Scooter Libby and Joe Arpaio – “the were treated unfairly”.  A interesting take from Chris Cilizza…


The concept of “treated unfairly” is virtually meaningless here, and it’s certainly not a legal term.  Rather, it’s a dog-whistle to the Great Disaffected, Trump’s resentful supporters, who all feel they’ve been treated unfairly by the growth and spread of societal equality.  “To the privileged, equality feels like oppression.” Moreover, the pardon of D’Souza will enrage liberals, which is a large part of the motivation for everything Trump does.

Trump has yet to suffer any consequences for all of the ethical norms and standards he has destroyed in office, not to mention the many actions he has taken that look and smell like criminal obstruction of justice.  Here is a wonderful op-ed by former CIA director John Brennan on the appalling indecency of Trump and his tenure in the White House:


It’s not important that Trump has small hands or is a clown or has bad manners or can’t pronounce words.  These ad hominem observations never serve our ultimate political purpose.  Of vital importance is Trump’s abuse of power, his disregard for laws, and his destruction of our historic norms, standards and principles.

Does John Faso care about any of this?  It certainly doesn’t seem so.  He has said very little about the Trump Presidency, and he must be held to account for this toxic silence.  His party used to stand for something.  Now all they stand for is coddling the rich at the expense of everyone else, and they have been more than willing to sell their souls to keep the coddling going.  Its a disgrace.  We can help the nation by working hard in our own backyard to change course, which starts by firing Faso…

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