The primaries are approaching fast.  There won’t be many more chances to see all seven Democratic candidates on a stage together, but one of the last is coming on Monday in Hudson, Columbia County:

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Tickets here:

The pressure on these candidates is mounting, and they are trying to raise their profile and stand above the crowd on social media.  Not surprisingly, along with their social media push comes social media push-back.  The level of rancor and trolling is scaling up, but infighting will only hurt the Democrat nominee’s chances in the general election.

When ITFIO interviewed each of the candidates last spring, they all promised to run positive campaigns and not attack their primary opponents.  As activists, we must make the same commitment to stay positive and not tear down any of the candidates that we don’t support.  The Trumpers in our district will do plenty of that once we choose our candidate.

A petition just began circulating whose signers pledge to continue their activism in the spirit of positivity.  I urge you to read it and sign it:

No matter who wins the primary, it’s crucial that we circle our wagons and support that candidate.  That’s the only way we will beat John Faso–through unity.  The GOP has always fallen in lock-step behind whoever their candidate was, even when it was the grotesquely incompetent and vile Donald Trump.  Fortunately, our seven candidates are all capable, caring and personable, so setting aside our personal feelings to support a person who wasn’t our first choice shouldn’t be a difficult task.  Shouldn’t be.  Let’s pledge to come together and keep working hard to Fire Faso…

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