It was reported yesterday that the GOP strategy to win the midterms is (surprise) to stoke racial animus and fear by blaming the notorious MS-13 gang problems on the Democrats’ “open door” immigration policies.  Never mind that border crossings went down and ICE enforcement went up under Obama.  This Republican fear mongering is just the latest delusional chapter of Trumpery, designed to whip up the Conservative base by convincing them that hordes of Mexican rapists and murderers are rapidly approaching our white-picket-fence towns (emphasis on white).

If this strategy sounds ludicrous, don’t take my word for it.  Take the word of Rep John Faso, in the form of his latest Facebook campaign ad:


It doesn’t matter that many of the MS-13 gang members are US citizens, nor that you are more likely to be hit by lightening than be a victim of MS-13 violence.  What matters is that Trump, Faso and the GOP are good at creating scary non-white monsters who are coming to kill us.

What the GOP doesn’t want us to focus on is the simple fact that we are far, far more likely to die from inadequate or absent health insurance than from gang violence.  Since Trump took office and began dismantling the ACA, the CBO estimates that at least 4 million citizens–many poor & lower income–will lose coverage by 2019, and thousands of them might live in NY-19.  Trump’s policy changes, along with the Tax Scam, will increase premiums dramatically in the years ahead, and this heartless reality is something we should hold over the heads of Trump and Faso mercilessly going into the midterms.

If this weren’t bad enough, it was reported yesterday by a Fellow at the Center for American Progress that Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA) has released an internal GOP memo with a new framework for ACA repeal/replacement.  If he can get Senator Collins, Murkowski or McCain to vote for his bill, it would likely gain passage, which would be a dark day for our nation and a massive setback for people who finally have coverage under the ACA.  Cassidy’s bill would rely on the “block grant” concept that would over time explode the cost of insurance for people without employer based plans, and would punish older Americans and those with pre-existing conditions.  It’s the same heartless bullcrap as the AHCA dressed up in a slightly different package.

We can’t let Trump goons like John Faso frame the midterms as a referendum on the phony threat of gang violence.  Instead, we must pummel him with facts (like CBO scores) that should scare anyone who relies on the ACA and Medicare/Medicaid for their healthcare, especially if Republicans take another run at repealing/replacing the ACA. The health and welfare of our fellow citizens is too important to let GOP fear mongering cloud real issues that have life-or-death consequences.  Keep resisting…

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