This Memorial Day, we remember those who paid the ultimate price to keep our nation secure.  Some of our fallen service members died fighting the Nazis and Fascists in World War Two, a war against nationalism and authoritarian tyranny, among other things. Now, seventy years later, we find ourselves confronting those same noxious political impulses here at home.  This is not a time for withdrawal or inaction because the consequences of the Trump presidency are real, and they are hurting people every day.  People who can no longer afford insurance.  People who can no longer get insurance for their children.  People who are not white.  People who are women.  People who happen to be LGTBQ.  People who come here seeking a better life, only to have their children ripped away, and then lost.

My grandfather fought in WWI and served in WWII, and I’ll be damned if Trump and the GOP betray his sacrifice by shredding the norms and institutions of our nation on the way to Kleptocracy, Plutocracy and/or Kakistocracy.  Trumpism, for lack of a more accurate term, is a cancer on our nation, and we the voters are the only lasting cure.  So have a safe a restful Memorial Day, and prepare for a tough battle this summer as we approach the Midterms and work to Fire Faso.

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