Rumors were flying yesterday that indictments may be coming for both Julien Assange and Roger Stone, which If true will further debunk the Trump claim that the Mueller probe is a fruitless road to nowhere.

On top of those rumors, it was also reported that Spain has given the FBI taped conversations of a Russian ally of Putin, Alex Torshin, who met with Donald Trump Jr at the NRA convention in 2016.  Spain actually said, “Mr. Trump’s son should be concerned .”

As the walls close in around Trump, will he be able to hold onto his followers as the ugly truth emerges?  Does it even matter?  His base is so invested in crazy (and continually debunked) conspiracy theories that they may not recognize the truth if it hits therm in the face.  Here is a great editorial in NY Times about the depths of deperavity the Trump conspiracy theories and con jobs have reached:

Keep a close eye on these people and stories next week, as things may begin to move rapidly.  And don’t expect any leadership from John Faso.  The most we can expect from him will be, after some truly criminal and treasonous information comes to light on Trump, a statement like “I’ve been telling my district all along what a disgrace Trump is.”  Which of course would be a giant lie.  Let’s keep working to fire Faso and hire a rep who protects OUR interests, not the interests of the billionaires.


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