It was bound to happen.  The man who rose to power pretending to be a deal maker is nothing more than a bully, and has no clue how real negotiations succeed in complex scenarios.  His North Korea deal melted away, and it’s hard not to wonder if his canceling the summit was just a convenient excuse to extricate himself from a situation that was bound to fail from its ridiculous and overhyped start.

Now we’re back to dangerous brinkmanship between two emotionally stunted egomaniacs, where decisions are most often made based on impulse and feelings.  But feelings aren’t facts.

Trump wants wins, but most of all he wants ratings, and knows how to create drama and attention and distraction, though little else.  He not a president, he just plays one on the news.

Meanwhile his corrupt administration carries on.  His head of ICE was crying at a cabinet meeting about people being so mean to his team of heartless profilers when in fact ICE had done more to protect immigrants than anybody.  Sure.  Up is down, hot is cold, Trump is a stable genius.

Through it all, John Faso remains woefully detached.  He would rather congratulate NFL owners for quashing freedom of speech than criticize his party’s sub-standard bearer for attacking the rule of law and trampling every ethical standard imaginable.  Let’s keep working to Fire Faso and

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