Primary season is in full swing.  Several states held primaries this week, and the most notable was in Georgia, where the “battle of the Staceys” produced a winner who could become the first female African-American governor ever, Democrat Stacy Abrams.  She will have a tough time winning the general election, but it’s within the realm of possibility, in part because of the changing demographics of the South, and in part because her GOP challenger will be an ultraconservative chosen in a runoff in July.

Many of the primaries have produced female candidates and many of the primaries featured a large number of competing contenders, like ours will in June.  Observers have noted that the winners skew decidedly Progressive, and wonder if this will hurt the chances of the Democrats in November.  Observers have also noted that a November win will only be possible if the Democrats can come together after many months of competition among the challengers, and this will be our situation in NY-19.

All seven of the contenders in our district are quality candidates.  Many of them have been on the campaign trail for over a year, forming strong relationships with their supporters and staff, which means that after June 26th the supporters of six candidates will be disappointed while the supporters of only one candidate will feel satisfied.

This presents NY-19 with a huge challenge.  In light of the Trump catastrophe in Washington, the stakes are simply too high to succumb to disaffection or lukewarm feelings. Whoever the final candidate, we must pick right back up and work toward his or her election, ideally with even greater determination and focus. There will be no room for sour grapes or disenchantment.

Every day that goes by, the Trump administration takes its wrecking ball to another norm or ethical standard or institution or sensible protection.  Yet Rep John Faso does little and says nothing. So the only check–and-balance that matters now is our vote.  We have to set aside our petty preferences and come together if we want to win in November.  Unity is the only key that will unlock the vote in our favor.  So please take every opportunity to foster the spirit of solidarity when we emerge from the primary season.  And keep working to Fire Faso.

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