The Supreme Court yesterday struck a blow to American workers and give yet another gift to Corporate power by forcing workers to adhere to employer-mandated arbitration clauses per the Federal Arbitration Act, even though the National Labor Relations Act seems to give workers the right to pursue class-action lawsuits by voiding employment contracts that contain mandatory arbitration clauses.

The 5-4 decision by conservatives means that grievances by employees will be settled in private, in the dark, with no transparency, which helps employers and hurts other employees who could benefit from knowing how fellow workers fared in their claims.  Many workers will likely not pursue grievances at all simply because it will cost them too much to take individual action whereas a class action would have been economically feasible.  The law also means that the power of unions to collectively bargain and sue as a class may be in jeopardy if the court uses the same logic on a case coming up soon involving a union.

This ruling by a partisan court is the latest decision in a long-running court effort to screw individual workers while elevating massive, wealthy, powerful corporations.  The truth is painfully clear that the GOP works for the billionaires and the CEO class, who stand to benefit spectacularly if unions are busted and workers rendered even more powerless and impotent than they are now.

One simple fix to this situation would be for Congress to amend the law to make clear that employer-mandated arbitration is not lawful.  But as long as the Republicans are in power in Washington and beholden to their Corporate overlords, these laws will not change.

What does Rep John Faso think?  Hard to say since he so rarely takes a stand on any issue, other than guns, that is remotely controversial.  But it’s easy to imagine Faso siding with Corporate Greed along with his paymasters, the Kochs and Mercers.

We have to continue to broadcast the truth–the GOP wants to screw average workers.  So if you know a cop, a nurse, a tradesperson, or other union member, make sure they understand that if they get screwed out of pay, or out of a pension, or get harassed in the workplace, they could find themselves alone, fighting their employer on their own, thanks to the Republicans.

For the sake of these American workers, we need to continue working to fire Faso, and then voting out the most corrupt and erratic President in a lifetime.  Keep resisting…


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