One of the problems with the rolling catastrophe that is the Trump Administration–all of his scandals and Tweets and inconsistencies and lies and re-lies and reversals often obscure the policy changes that are happening beneath all the noise.

Lost in all of this weekend’s noise was the fact that the Farm Bill, which contained the noxious SNAP reduction language that so many of us have been railing against, FAILED to pass the House.  It died a quiet death late last week, but it may rise from the dead soon as Republicans, including John Faso, claim it will be easy to fix.

Faso voted for it despite the fact that it will hurt Food Stamp recipients in our district, and it contains provisions that will hurt farmers.  What gives?  Why does Faso care about this bill so much?

Part of the answer seems to be that Faso is throwing red meat to his base.  A small number of radical Republicans still believe the dog-whistle nonsense that social safety net programs like food stamps are mostly used by minorities to sit around the house and get fat on steak and bon bons.  But the fact is, most food stamp recipients are employed, hard-working citizens (undocumented immigrants are not eligible for food stamps) whose jobs don’t pay enough.  They often have to decide whether to eat or pay a doctor bill and skip a day of food.  This situation has little to do with lazy entitled citizens, and everything to do with corporate power and greed.  As long as the Republicans are in power, they will not let workers have better pay because the GOP is funded by big business.  They are the party of the CEOs pretending to be the party of the middle class.  It’s all a big con, and Faso knows this.

So when Faso continues to talk about taking away SNAP to increase “incentives” to the poor, we have to call him out on it.  Anyone who has lived in poverty knows that there is no greater incentive to work hard and achieve than poverty itself, and it’s easy to imagine that John Faso has never faced poverty and has no idea what he’s talking about.   Keep working hard to Fire Faso…

One thought on “Day 486 – Faso Gets SNAP Wrong

  1. Good piece on this subject by Eduardo Porto in last Wednesday’s NY Times Business Day, “The G.O.P. Insists that Work Works,” subtitled “Moving People Off Welfare is Republican Dogma, but There’s LIttle Proof It’s Effective.” So, is this ideological blindness to the facts, or dogma masking pure self-interest?

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