We already know that the Trump administration is the most corrupt in a lifetime.  Trump promised to drain the swamp, but instead filled it with billionaires who use their positions to enrich themselves and their CEO friends, as well as lobbyists and partisan hacks who hate and want to destroy the mission of the agencies they now run.

When it comes to scandalous cabinet members who still hold a job, EPA administrator Scott Pruitt has become the King of the Swamp Rats.  Last week he was called before Congress to testify, and was condemned by many of the Senators on the Senate appropriations sub-committee.

But the worst thrashing came from Senator Udall of New Mexico.  I have never head anything like it, and I urge you listen to it as he tells Pruitt to his face what a disgrace and failure he is as the EPA administrator.  The video focuses on Pruitt’s face, but it is the calm ferocity of Udall’s words that are so extraordinary and fitting.

Please do yourself a favor and WATCH THIS VIDEO:

That Pruitt is still employed reflects the cravenness of the Trump White House.  As long as Pruitt is destroying the agency he was tasked to dismantle, they will support him no matter how profligate and unethical his excesses.  In fact, it seems that Pruitt has violated the law, yet he still has a job.

Trump and Pruitt are all part of Team Faso.  Our Rep would rather do the safe thing by railing against opioid addiction than show an ounce of leadership and denounce a corrupt presidency or cabinet head.  Let’s keep working to Fire Faso and help do what Trump promised to do but lied about – draining the swamp.  Keep resisting…

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