According to Topher Spiro, a Senior Fellow at the Center for American Progress, the GOP is working hard behind the scenes to cobble together a new version of the AHCA to repeal and replace the ACA.  In other words, to replace ObamaCare with TrumpCare.  They know they need to get this done now because everything will change (if we work hard) this November.

Here is an image of a draft summary that Spiro posted on Twitter:


This effort tries to tweak around the edges to produce a bill that would be acceptable to the two GOP Senators who derailed the last version, Senators Murkowski and Collins.

The heartless bill would be a wrecking ball that greatly damages existing coverage and ultimately drives millions back into the cold, dark night of the uninsured.  Here is a short list of the cruelty it would inflict:

  1. Guts protections for pre-existing conditions
  2. Repeals Medicaid expansion
  3. Slashes ACA funding by 20-25%
  4. Allows states to reduce ACA funding by up to 50%
  5. Allows junk insurance plans that will drive up all other premiums
  6. Funnels money from blue states to red states

We know that Rep John Faso supports this type of cruel, regressive policy, so if this bill rears its ugly head we must scream long and hard, and let him know that we will hang it around his neck like an anchor in the midterms.  People care about their health.  They care about their security.  And Faso will try to lie his way out of responsibility, but it’s our job to hold him accountable and let our friends and neighbors know the real world damage this policy would cause.

Below is a great billboard that went up recently in our area, appropriate to this topic, sponsored by Catskill Freedom Network:


Keep resisting…

PS – the Net Neutrality bill introduced in the Senate yesterday PASSED and will now go to the House, so we will need to blast Faso with messages to vote YES when the time comes.

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