Today Senator Ed Markey brings to the Senate floor today a bill that aims to protect net neutrality from FCC rules that will make it easier for internet service providers to set up fast lanes and slow lanes for internet users, allowing ISPs to charge more for services we get at a flat rate today.

Here’s a good summary of the situation:

Thanks to Susan Collins, the Net Neutrality bill might be able to pass the Republican Senate, but it will almost certainly fail in the House.  And even if by some miracle it passes the House, it would require Trump’s signature, also highly unlikely.

But the real value of this bill is getting it to a House vote.  That’s where Reps like John Faso will have to show their true stripes.  It’s a very clear choice, either vote to protect huge, wealthy corporations and their executives, or vote to protect consumers.  The GOP naturally will try to protect their billionaire overlords, but they will look bad doing it, handing Democrats another great issue to hammer them with in the midterms.

So keep an eye on the news today and make sure to call Rep John Faso to let him know that you expect him to vote to protect consumers from predatory pricing by greedy and irresponsible ISPs.  If he votes NO, we will use it against him and vote him out.  And if he votes YES, we might be able to continue using the Internet on a level playing field…and we will still try to vote him out for plenty of other good reasons.  Keep resisting…

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