This week, Congress will likely see several important votes occur.

THE FARM BILL.  Sometime this week the House will vote on the Farm Bill, which includes the horrible and heartless cuts to the SNAP (food stamp) program that will hurt many working class families living just above the poverty line.  Most Democrats are expected to vote NO but most Republicans will vote YES including John Faso who wants his voters to believe that SNAP is only used by criminals or people who could work but don’t (translation: minorities) but the facts about who uses SNAP disprove his position.

ACTION: Please call Faso’s office and let his staff know that his desire to harm SNAP is cruel and will affect many working families in the district–so that billionaires can get tax cuts. Disgraceful.

NET NEUTRALITY.  Senate Dems led by Senator Markey introduced a bill that will come up for a vote sometime this week to protect net neutrality.  It will likely pass the Senate, but will have a difficult time passing in the House because so many Republican Reps have prostituted themselves to Telecom giants that don’t want Net Neutrality, like AT&T.

ACTION: Please call Faso’s office and let his staff know that a vote against Net Neutrality is a vote against the residents of his district. Will he side with giant corporations or average citizens?  We need to put pressure on him…

CIA DIRECTOR.  Gina Haspel is going to be voted on to head the CIA, but her record of enabling torture, along with her less-than-forthright answers to Congress during her nomination hearing make her a troubling choice to lead the Agency.  She was asked if she would comply if Trump ordered her to torture a prisoner, and she answered that she didn’t believe he would ever ask such a thing–even though he has said many times at campaign rallies that he supports waterboarding and worse, “much much worse, folks”.  Her answer was ridiculous, and drew significant scorn.

ACTION:  Please call Sens Schumer & Gillibrand and let them know that Haspel’s values and evasiveness are odious and unworthy of running the CIA.

Keep an eye on these issues and help spread the word.  We can’t stop pushing our Reps to do the right thing, even if we know beforehand that they won’t.  Keep resisting…

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