The Farm Bill currently moving through Congress is yet another example of the GOP saying one thing (“we will help working Americans”) while doing the opposite (screwing working Americans).  The more we look at the details of the Farm Bill and its changes to the crucial SNAP or “Food Stamp” program, the more we understand who it will hurt.  The Farm Bill wants to eliminate “categorical eligibility”. This will require SNAP to stop making cost-of-living adjustments.  In other words, if you live in a higher cost state like California or city like Manhattan your income limit to qualify for SNAP will be the same as if you live in low cost rural Alabama, which is ridiculous.  It will also limit families eligible for SNAP to one vehicle, which will be devastating for two-earner families in rural areas like NY-19 who often need two vehicles just to get to work.  It will also jeopardize free lunch eligibility for low-income children because of increased paperwork.

Here is a great summary of all the big negative changes to SNAP in the Farm Bill by Rebekah Entralgo of ThinkProgress:

As yesterday’s blog-post noted, Republicans are becoming the party of cruelty, in part because their aging white supporters want them to be cruel.  They want revenge on all of the people who have made their country different than it used to be, including women, people of color, LGTBQ’s and non-Christians. They feel aggrieved, and much of their resentment stems from a notion perfectly described by writer and teacher Clay Shirky:

“When you’re accustomed to privilege, equality feels like oppression.”

These anxious members of the Cruelty Coalition are not going to go away without a fight, so we cannot take anything for granted as we approach the midterms.  The “Blue Wave” will be breaking in our favor, but we still need a monumental effort and a massive Democratic turnout in order to flip the House and create some crucial oversight and push-back against Trump and his corrupt administration.

John Cassidy in the New Yorker makes a strong case against complacency:

Rep John Faso long ago joined the Cruelty Coalition, so we owe it to our fellow citizens to send him back to the lobbying swamp from whence he first slithered.  The people in our area who rely on SNAP and CHIP and the ACA deserve better than Faso & the heartless GOP.  Keep resisting…

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