Donald Trump likes to do “campaign-style” rallies that function as ego-boosting echo chambers to combat his profound insecurity and sense of besieged isolation in the White House.  But for all the lies and bluster, his over-the-top promises have thus far amounted to almost nothing.

For your Saturday reading, here is a great recap by Jonathan Chait in New York Magazine of the big promises that Trump has made and broken or done nothing about since the election:

I would disagree with this article in one sense.  Trump has failed on his explicit promises, but his tone and rhetoric also made an implicit promise that he continues to follow through on.  He has consistently taken actions whose main intention is to anger and antagonize his opponents, and his followers feel confident he will keep doing it, keeping a promise of sorts.  To paraphrase something former adviser Steve Bannon pointed out constantly, if the Libtards are seething and enraged it must be because Trump is doing something right.

So in other words, if liberals are enraged because Trump burned the country to the ground, it would be alright with his supporters because they care more about vanquishing their “enemies” than about preserving our nation and its principles.  Hate peddlers like Fox and Alex Jones have done a great job of demonizing anyone who is not a rabid conservative, and this urge to vanquish is the fruit of their poisoned tree.  The Trumpers have become like their champion Trump, the Great Aggrieved.

A Tweet from Zachariah Johnson sums up this point nicely:

Many in the GOP have begun to replicate Trump’s “performative cruelty” and Rep John Faso himself often plays the role of the Great Aggrieved, whether it’s on the subject of Gun Control (they are taking away our guns) or SNAP (they are squandering our money), but it’s always a false front hiding greed, cruelty, and ignorance of facts. We need to replace Faso with someone who cares about real people instead of baseless grievances.  Keep resisting…

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