The Trump team continues to attack our health insurance system on several fronts.

1 – Trump wants to reduce CHIP funding by $7billion, which is a nasty and heartless initiative.

2 – Trump won’t allow Medicare to negotiate drug prices, choosing instead a much less aggressive and toothless approach of letting insurance plans share discounts.

3 – The end of the individual mandate, along with Medicaid work requirements and the re-authorization of cheap limited coverage plans has reversed the steady Obama-era drop in the uninsured rate, which is now climbing again.

These are all horrible developments and, once again, expose the Big Lie of the GOP and Trump, who promised Americans something so much better than the ACA but have instead delivered ashes.  The only winners here are giant corporations and the billionaires who got tax cuts.

Rep John Faso enables all of these horrible, regressive, mean-spirited setbacks because he only cares about the unAmerican plutocrats who are trying to buy and warp our democracy to protect and grow their wealth.  He is their passionless puppet, doing photo-ops and Tweeting his support of non-controversial issues but never taking issue with the lies and hypocrisy and corruption flowing from the White House.  Flipping NY-19 blue will be difficult but not impossible.  Faced with the slow destruction of our health insurance protections so billionaires can get tax cuts, we owe it to our country and future generations to do everything we can to replace Faso with a leader who isn’t a prostitute to corporate greed.   Keep resisting…

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