Yesterday was a busy day in the news.  A lot of important stories broke, so here is a short summary:

1 – The Trump administration is asking Congress to take $7 billion away from the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP), in part to plug the giant, gaping hole in the Federal deficit that their Tax Scam opened. CHIP covers 8.9 million children.  Will Republicans in Congress sign on to these cuts?

2 – Several Republicans in the House of Representatives are trying to hold in contempt of Congress AG Jeff Sessions for withholding documents related to the Mueller Russia probe.  Thus far the White House seems to be supporting Sessions, though it may be half-hearted support as his ouster would be an important first step toward shutting down the Mueller probe.

3 – Trump has announced that he will decide the fate of our participation in the Iran nuclear deal this afternoon.  Most observers expect him to pull out, which would be the worst thing he could do, and thus the thing he will likely do.  Trump has no idea how this treaty works, but he does know that our retreat from the deal would be a good thing for Putin and Russia.  It would be a profoundly bad deal for America.  Stay tuned.

4 – New York State Attorney General Eric Schneiderman resigned amid allegations published in the New Yorker by four ex-girlfriends that he physically abused them.  He will be replaced by a temporary AG appointed by the NYS legislature, and a new AG will be voted on this November.  Schneiderman has been a strong legal bulwark against the corrupt Trump administration, but his departure should not do much to harm the state level investigation of Trump, Cohen, et al., since there are many investigators and prosecutors working on these cases.

Here is a tweet that sums up the response on social media:

And here is a thread that sums up why the resignation won’t hurt the probe:

Keep resisting…

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