Trump and his lawyer Rudy Giuliani are having a tough time keeping their stories straight.  Trump’s lies are finally catching up to him, and the harder Rudy tries to cover and control the damage, the worse he is making things.  It would be comical if the consequences weren’t so catastrophic for the office of the presidency, and our democracy.

As Trump and Giuliani sink deeper into legal quicksand, their level of desperation is certain to rise.  And rumors are now circulating that Trump surrogates this coming week will work toward the ouster of Jeff Sessions as Attorney General, perhaps by impeachment for perjury, which would be the first step toward thwarting the Mueller investigation.

The notion of Trump firing his way out of the investigation is horrifying, a project that would place him above the law in a way antithetical to justice and the spirit of the United States. But here is a great article in Slate by Jed Shugerman detailing the reasons we should be confident that Trump can’t simply fire his way out of the Mueller probe.

One way or another, we seem to be heading towards a constitutional crisis.  Trump is too vain and soulless to care about the damage he is doing to our nation, and will likely go down swinging.  So we must be prepared for this possibility by taking action, which includes taking to the streets, making noise in our communities and on social media, and most importantly by voting.

First order of business–vote out Rep John Faso.

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