Donald Trump is a degenerate liar, which is something we already knew.  But he has lied so often in front of so many reporters and cameras that he and his enablers are having an increasingly difficult time keeping track of the lies.  Weeks ago, aboard Air Force One, Trump was asked if he knew anything about the payment of $130,000 by his then-lawyer Michael Cohen to Stormy Daniels, and his answer was a simple, confident “No”.

Then two days ago his new lawyer Rudy Giuliani told Sean Hannity on Fox that Trump paid Michael Cohen back the $130,000.  So how could he have paid back the money to Cohen if he was unaware of the payment to begin with?  Trump later tweeted that Rudy was new to the team and wasn’t fully up to speed on all the details.

When asked by a reporter yesterday if he had lied on Air Force One, Trump said “No” and told the reporter to go back and look at the Air Force One recording.  But that recording simply confirms that he lied.  Later yesterday, the New York Times reported that Trump knew of the payment to Stormy Daniels months before the Air Force One question.

When not tweeting, Trump is always screaming statements to reporters on his way to or from his helicopter because he is terrified of open-ended question-and-answer sessions with the media.  He knows they will catch him in lies, and because most of the things that come out of his mouth are lies, he avoids questions and barks whatever BS supports his latest con.

To many of his voters, the exaggerations (my inauguration crowd was huge, you’re gonna be so tired of winning, I’m the least racist president ever, etc.) serve to enrage the opposition, which is their ultimate purpose.  But on matters of legal consequence Trump’s lies border on criminality and rob the presidency of credibility and stature.  The situation is so bad that even conservatives like Neil Cavuto on Fox are railing against the the flood of lies and deception flowing from the White House.

Rep John Faso has yet to denounce the porn-star-paying president and his lies, but that’s nothing new.  As long as Faso’s billionaire backers are getting their taxes cut and their businesses freed from regulation and oversight, they are happy to keep a corrupt, vain, incompetent, vengeful, graceless, mean-spirited liar in the Oval Office, and so is Faso.  We need to keep working to vote them all out, starting with firing Faso this November.  Keep resisting…


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