The scandals around EPA Director Scott Pruitt continue to deepen.  New ties to lobbyists have come to light, including a house he bought with one but never disclosed.  Pruitt is now incredibly the subject of ELEVEN federal investigations.  He has yet to be fired not only because he flatters Trump, but because he resembles Trump in three important ways: he is arrogant like Trump; he is incompetent like Trump; and he is corrupt like Trump.

It’s bad enough that Pruitt has spent a small fortune of taxpayer money on lavish security and other perks that appear to be inappropriate.  But he has also done a good job of destroying the mission of the EPA as he slowly dismantles the agency that he has long despised.  This could not come at a worse time for the United States and the world.  Our climate continues to warm, producing changes that seem ever more horrifying.

The Atlantic current, which brings warm water to Europe and helps warm and stabilize their weather, is slowing, as global warming climate models have long predicted. If this continues and we reach a tipping point where the current stops, as it apparently has in earlier epochs, the result would be catastrophic for, among other things, European agriculture.

In addition, springtime ice in the Bering Sea is at its lowest point in modern history.  In fact scientists say the levels have “fallen off a cliff”.  This has huge negative implications for the ocean food chain, which is already at the point of collapse from over-fishing, pollution and acidification.  And it may be another of the early indicators that we are reaching a climate tipping point.

We must treat the threat to our environment with dire urgency. We can’t easily predict what will happen next, but the climate is warming as fast or faster than most scientists’ worst case scenarios. And when ecological systems that have formed a balance over thousands and millions of years suddenly change, we know for a fact that many species quickly go extinct, and many others shrink dramatically.  It’s easy to imagine a best-case outcome that still involves immense human suffering and massive loss of life.

Meanwhile Trump and Pruitt are fiddling while the planet burns.  Aiding them are Rep John Faso, whose only urgent issues are a New York State scaffold law over which he has no jurisdiction and the SNAP program, which he cruelly wants to downsize.  We can’t afford more years of these incompetent and ignorant politicians.  We need leaders that are not owned by extraction billionaires like the Koch Brothers, but will instead make the hard decisions that set our nation and planet on a better course than the “burn baby burn” idiocy of the Republican party.  We need to forge our own political tipping point and kick the greedy anti-science crowd out of Washington for good.  Keep resisting…

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