John Faso supports a provision in the latest Farm Bill that tightens restrictions on SNAP (aka food stamp) recipients, claiming that scam artists and drug dealers take advantage of the SNAP program, and also claiming that “SNAP insufficiently promotes self-sufficiency”.  The provisions include work requirements that are more onerous than current law, as well as a job training requirement funded at a billion dollars a year.  (The SNAP program currently costs about $58billion a year, compared to the $86billion a year that the wealthiest Americans received from the tax scam).  Here is a good overview of the issue and Faso’s position:

Roughly 75% of SNAP recipients already work, and need food assistance because their employers don’t pay them a living wage–wealthy employers like WalMart and McDonalds.  But Faso & the GOP don’t want their billionaire overlords to pay higher salaries to their workers.  That would lower profits.  They would rather take money away from SNAP in the guise of reform so they can reduce the obscene deficit created by lowering taxes on the billionaires.

Faso & the GOP try to rally support for shrinking SNAP by demonizing SNAP recipients.  “Self-sufficiency” is Republican code for “lazy minorities” and is used to rile up the Republican base.  Of course, 88% of SNAP recipients in our area are white and most them work, but the GOP want to imply that there must be lazy non-white SNAP recipients somewhere, probably in New York City, who are hurting the system.  It’s classic dog-whistle politics.

In addition to harming SNAP, Faso and his party are hurting farmers by supporting Trump and his ridiculous trade war with China.  In response to Trump’s tariff action, it seems that China has stopped buying any soybeans from the United States, which would be a disastrous development for our soybean farmers.

Trump is a con man who created the myth that because he bought a few buildings (with his inheritance) he must be a good businessman.  Instead, he’s a dangerously incompetent person who believes–or at least wants us to believe–that he is a genius.  He constantly brags about his negotiating skills, but in reality his method of negotiation–which has always worked for him as a private citizen–is to bully until he gets his way.  But there are hundreds of millions of people in China who are smarter than Donald Trump, and their government will run circles around Trump at the expense of our economy and our farmers.  This won’t end well.

Unfortunately for us, Rep John Faso is one of Trump’s enablers.  Faso has said nothing publicly against Trump’s trade war, and instead wants to continue to harm programs that help the most vulnerable and marginalized of our neighbors–all to cut taxes on the wealthy.

Faso’s gotta go.  Let’s keep working hard to fire him.

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