As the Mueller probe continues to close in on the White House, the Trump team becomes increasingly anxious and combative.  Trump’s buddy Sean Hannity has been screaming at his viewers that the Mueller probe is fake, the FBI and DOJ are a deep-state cabal of traitors who want to take down the president, etc.  And Trump has been tweeting ever more paranoid and angry missives criticizing Mueller and law enforcement.

Meanwhile, a small group of radical conservative congressional reps have been drafting a letter of impeachment against Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein in case they (under the direction of Trump) decide to try to shut the probe down.  The reps have been requesting sensitive DOJ documents from Rosenstein to see what is at the heart of the investigation (and presumably warn Trump).  But Rosenstein has delayed some of the disclosures so as not to compromise the investigation, and the reps now want to use the delays as a pretext for impeaching and removing him if they so choose.

Rosenstein fought back yesterday in a rare public comment during a visit to the Newseum in Washington.  Here is a recap:

For months the Trump team has been looking for an opportunity to fire Rosenstein in a way that has the look of legitimacy.  But they remain concerned that his firing would prompt a firestorm of protest and spark a constitutional crisis.  It’s critical that we keep a close eye on this situation and be ready to scream bloody murder and take to the streets if these radical conservatives (from deeply red states) decide to move on Rosenstein.  Meanwhile we must continue to press our elected reps to protect the Mueller probe and not mess with Rosenstein.

We must also express the view that the extreme desperation of Republicans to shut the probe down, along with the histrionics of Trump and his team, create the appearance of guilt.  Innocent people don’t fear investigation and don’t get distracted by it.  Guilty people act exactly like Trump and his enablers.

Mueller may or may not have evidence of crimes by Trump, and may or may not ever disclose things that lead to Trump’s impeachment.  But we the voters have the power to shut Trump down and eventually remove him from office.  It starts with replacing John Faso, whose political style can only be described as “the opposite of leadership”, with a rep who will oppose Trump and support the rule of law.  Once we select a Democratic candidate in June our main focus will be to register voters.  The registration deadline for the Congressional election is October 12th.  Then our main goal will be to get out the vote.  Pace yourselves, and keep resisting…

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