To start the week, I will merely post a link to an article by John Schindler in the Observer (yes, the Observer owned by Jared Kushner!) comparing Donald Trump unfavorably to Richard Nixon.  Here are a few snippets:

Someone as unmotivated and unskilled as Trump ought to have chosen top people for his administration, but he did not. By and large, the working staff of Trump’s campaign-turned-White House consists of fourth-raters deemed too unskilled or simply too dumb to get a job in any administration but Trump’s. []

While it was once fashionable to deride Nixon’s staff as inept bunglers lacking basic ethics, they loom as moral paragons and MacArthur Fellows compared to the doomed crew of room-temperature-IQ wannabes that Trump has collected around himself in Washington.

Here is the link:

Schindler is a former National Security Agency analyst and counterintelligence officer who often writes about Russian spy tactics.

Trump is like a bad dream, and the first step toward waking up is to vote out Rep John Faso and replace him with a Rep who will keep the corrupt White House in check.  Then we can work toward voting out Trump and relegating him to the ignominious dung heap of one-term history.  Have a great week and keep resisting…

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