The recent report on the Russia probe by Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee once again broke with longstanding Congressional tradition by excluding input from Committee Democrats.  Devin Nunes has done a thorough job of destroying an important and august Committee with a history of careful bi-partisan work.  Trump has recently cited their one-sided report as proof he has done nothing wrong, but now the Committee Democrats have released their own scathing rebuttal, which is contained in this analysis by Mother Jones:

Until the Republican party stops covering for the grotesquely incompetent, divisive, vindictive, small-minded, vain, pathological liar in the White House, their party will continue to lose credibility and support.  And our Rep John Faso is part of the problem.  If obvious collusion with a hostile foreign power by the Executive Branch isn’t enough to prompt Faso to speak out and show some small measure of leadership and spine, he does not deserve to represent the citizens of NY-19.  Every day, with each new news cycle, the likelihood of actual conspiracy with Russia becomes greater.  So let’s fire Faso and hire someone who isn’t complicit.

Enjoy your Sunday, and keep resisting

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