The Democratic Challengers have been in the media spotlight lately after a series of forums and radio broadcasts.  Here is a link to Thursday’s Radio Kingston Forum and broadcast featuring all seven primary candidates

An excellent article was just published in Chronogram by Andrew Solender reviewing the Radio Kingston Forum and giving an in-depth review of each candidate’s performance.

The primary is two months away, so if you haven’t decided who you want to support and you want to see the candidates in person, there will be several more forums around the district in the coming weeks.

On social media, the race is also attracting greater attention.  Liberal activists from around the district are increasingly vocal in supporting their favorite candidate.  And conservatives are also beginning to troll some of the Democratic challengers.  Some of the trolls appear to be from the district, but many are not, which is a testament to the importance of this contest on a national level.

John Faso, meanwhile, has increased his social media output, perhaps because he is afraid of the Blue Wave that is heading toward his party.  He has recently been tweeting his support of issues that most people favor, like stopping the flow of synthetic drugs through the mail, or opioid prevention, while remaining largely silent on the issues that have his party and president mired in scandal.  He has yet to denounce EPA head Scott Pruitt for his profligate spending.  He has yet to denounce Trump for his vile and unAmerican attacks on the media.  He has yet to denounce Trump for attacking the Justice Department and the FBI while under investigation.

Faso is sticking to his strategy of keeping a low profile and pretending to be a moderate, though we know he is not.  He still clings to the destructive myth that more guns make us safer (which, if true, would make the U.S. the safest country in the world by far). When pressed on issues like repealing the ACA or the Tax Scam, he continues to hide behind “I’m studying the issue” or “we’re looking into it”.  The truth is, Faso loves the GOP push to destroy the social safety net while further enriching billionaires because he mainly cares about the plutocrat families like the Mercers and Kochs who fund his campaign and his party.  We need a Rep who cares about the local district, not the outside donors.

The November mid-term is shaping up to be the most important election of our lives.  Let’s keep working to register voters, nominate a great challenger, and then get out the vote.  Our efforts will be rewarded.

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