Yesterday Trump called into Fox and Friends, his favorite show & advisory panel, and proceeded to rant for over twenty minutes as the Fox hosts listened in confused horror.  Here is a good recap from CNN of the debacle that, among other things, put Trump in even greater legal peril in the Stormy Daniels case:

Trump is clearly terrified of what might be in the hands of the Mueller probe now that personal lawyer Michael Cohen’s files have been seized.  If the president’s anxiety and fear are a direct reflection of his guilt, then Trump has clearly committed crimes he desperately wants to remain hidden.  Only a guilty person would become so enraged and unglued when the law closes in.

It also doesn’t help his anxiety that every special election held since his inauguration has demonstrated a large and formidable swing in sentiment in favor of the Democrats. If the trend holds, Democrats have a better-than-even chance of taking back the House (and possibly the Senate) this November.  Not only would such an outcome be the end of Trump’s ability to enact legislation & policy, but it would also hand the power of the subpoena to the Democrats, who would certainly use it.

Slate wrote a great analysis of what might happen:

Taking back the House would severely curtail the Trump presidency, so as activists we must continue our goal of repealing and replacing John Faso with a Democrat who will help hold Trump accountable, and who will put the people of our district before the greed of billionaire outsiders.  Though the two recent special elections in our region were both won by Republicans, they were won by astonishingly thin margins in rural areas that Trump won by double digits less than two years ago.  So the Blue Wave is not an abstraction, it is occurring in our own area, aided by the hard work of activists like NY19Votes.  Let’s keep working hard to ensure that it crashes over Faso and washes him back to the lobbyist swamp.

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