Several special elections were held yesterday, both in our area and nationally.

The Good News.

The nationally watched special election to replace Arizona Congressman Trent Franks was won by Republican Debbie Lesko, but she only won by 5 points in a deep red state that Trump won by 21 points.  If this 16 point swing holds in all races this November, the Democrats would take back the House in a landslide.

The biggest local special election was held in Westchester where Democrat Shelley Mayer beat Republican Julie Killian by around 16 points despite GOP donors spending a ton of money on Killian.  The Walton family gave $1million to a super PAC that tried to get Killian elected, so it’s nice to know that the conservative Waltons flushed a tiny fraction of their fortune down the toilet for nothing.

The Bad News.

In our area, the 102nd Assembly District special election was won by Republican Christopher Tague, beating Democrat Aidan O’Connor Jr.  by less than 300 votes out of 18,634.  And the 107th Assembly District special election was won by Republican Jacob Ashby, beating Democrat Cynthia Doran by 280 votes out of 15,336.  Supporters of O’Connor and Doran did a lot of organizing, phone banking, door knocking, etc., but it wasn’t quite enough to get either a win in these heavily rural areas.

These local special elections don’t turn out many voters (despite a strong effort by activists to increase voter participation) so it’s not clear what these results portend for the Midterms. Despite a big national swing toward Democrats, it’s hard to know if our district will enjoy a similar shift in sentiment this November. But it is clear that the Republicans in our district are not hiding under a rock. They are active and effective, and we will have to work hard if we want to beat Faso in the Midterms. The narrow margin of victory in both elections should give us some hope.  So keep working to get out the vote so we can repeal and replace Faso.  It may come down to a few crucial voters.  We can’t afford to let them stay at home.  Keep resisting…

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