As we enter the final stretch of the primary season in NY-19, let’s recap some of the lowlights of John Faso’s tenure as our Congressional rep.

  • Faso voted to allow coal companies to do mountaintop removal mining without having to clean up the mess afterwards, including not having to clean up the streams and waterways that become polluted with coal ash in the process.
  • Faso wants to repeal the Affordable Care Act and replace it with a “patient-centered approach” that allows health insurance companies to offer sub-standard plans, making it harder for people with preexisting conditions to get insurance by increasing their costs.  Congress was unable to do this directly, but the Trump Administration has enacted policies that accomplish this goal.
  • Faso opposes the “individual mandate” in the ACA, which is a tax on people who don’t get health insurance in order fund a broad risk pool (which is the essential function of any insurance).  Faso’s approach mean higher costs for older people and those with preexisting conditions.
  • Faso actively championed repeal of State and Local tax deductibility in order to shift the burden of Medicare costs from local governments to the state.  The move increases the federal tax burden on many residents of New York State with the hope that local taxes might eventually come down–even though the state would likely raise income taxes to make up the Medicare shortfall.  Faso voted against the final bill in Congress because his party didn’t need his vote, but he has eagerly supported this legislation from the start.
  • Faso actively supports the NRA, and they give him a lot of money, including $6,000 in 2016 and $3,000 so far in the 2018 cycle, as well as $37,000 in independent expenditures in 2016.  Faso does not support common sense laws like an assault weapons ban, universal background checks, or limits on ammo magazine size.
  • Faso says something has to be done about DACA, but has shown no leadership nor urgency to fix the problem.
  • Faso says something has to be done about passing a Dream Act, but he has never co-sponsored such a bill, nor shown any leadership to fix the problem.
  • Faso has never denounced Trump for violating the emoluments clause from day one of his presidency, nor has he shown any leadership to provide a check on the president’s constant lying, recklessness and efforts to obstruct justice.
  • Faso has never denounced the scandal-after-scandal corruption of the Trump administration, including the EPA head Scott Pruitt’s profligate misuse of public funds and the revolving door of Trump advisers and cabinet heads.

Faso’s priorities come from the billionaire plutocrats (Kochs, Mercers) and special interests (NRA, Big Oil, Fracking) that fund his campaigns.  He doesn’t care about the health and welfare of the people in his district, which is confirmed by his votes and statements.  He rarely takes a stand against Trump or the GOP, and is often allowed by his party to vote with the Democrats when his vote is not needed to pass a bill, which is a cowardly way to pretend that he didn’t support a bill when in fact his rhetoric and history tells the opposite story.

NY-19 deserves a better Rep than John Faso.  Let’s keep working to repeal and replace him.


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