Things to watch for this week:

Net Neutrality officially ends today.  Will Republicans ever live up to their own words and join Democrats in legislation to save Net Neutrality from the big Telecoms?

Will Rep. Devin Nunes and his goon squad of Trump enablers continue to smear AAG Rod Rosenstein as a pretext for Trump to fire him?  Will AG Sessions lose his job along the way?

Will Trump continue to tweet, talk and act like a guilty man trying to keep justice from closing in on him?

Will Trump decide not to certify the Iran Nuclear Treaty and undo all the hard work that went into the only viable, verifiable deal we’ve ever had that stops the Iran nuclear program in its tracks?

Will Trump continue to make false claims about what North Korea has agreed to do with its nuclear program in advance of a face-to-face meeting?

Will the scandal swirling around EPA head Scott Pruitt continue to deepen?  Is there anything he could do to get fired, other than denounce Russia?

Will NYAG Eric Schneiderman’s effort to allow NYS to bring criminal charges against those already charged with Federal crimes move forward with Gov. Cuomo and the State Legislature?

Will Trump Lawyer Michael Cohen flip on Trump and turn state’s evidence?  And will Cohen be indicted?

Will a judge allow the civil suit by Stormy Daniels to proceed against Trump and Michael Cohen?  Will the court set a date for the president to be deposed?

Will Mike Pompeo’s nomination as Secretary of State be approved by a majority in the Senate or will his radical history catch up with him?

Will anyone in the Trump Administration ever give a damn about the continuing disaster that is Puerto Rico?

Will Jared Kusher surface in Washington DC to continue to work on all of the tasks he was assigned by Trump (mideast peace, reorganizing the VA, curing world hunger, etc.)?





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