It’s a good sign that at least some conservatives–the elusive moderate types–have turned on Trump and are now predicting is political demise.  Joe Scarborough is hardly a right wing extremist, but he is still a conservative, and he now thinks that Trump won’t last out his term.

Now, even Trump’s most steadfast allies are quietly admitting that the Southern District of New York’s investigation poses an existential threat to his future, both politically and legally.

Trump’s goons in the Republican leadership like Devin Nunes are trying to attack the credibility of AAG Rod Rosenstein, and they may ultimately find a politically feasible way to fire him and clamp down on the Mueller investigation, but it is already too late.  The criminals in the Trump Administration can’t escape convictions by state courts, which is where this epic presidential disaster is heading.  The reason the GOP leaders are willing to sink along with the Trumptanic seems to be the growing reality that the GOP itself may have been working with the Russians and taking their cash in 2016, so their only play is to try to derail the entire Mueller probe to keep the details from emerging.

These craven politicians are trashing our institutions, smearing the dedicated public servants of the justice department, and subverting the rule of law to save their political necks, and it’s a historic disgrace. We can’t let them get away with it, nor can we let members of their corrupt club like John Faso off the hook for saying nothing and fiddling while the District of Columbia burns.

The Trump presidency is a dumpster fire.  It will take a lot of hard work from dedicated activists to put it out, but the alternative is unimaginable and unacceptable.  Keep resisting…

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