Now that the GOP has deliberately created a massive budget deficit with their increasingly unpopular Tax Scam, they are looking for ways to destroy our social safety net to pay for the manufactured shortfall.  That’s what their billionaire overlords want – an America of Masters and Servants, with nobody in between.

So it’s no surprise that Rep John Faso is pushing the tired old GOP plan to force recipients of government money to work for it.  In this case, he wants to significantly tighten the eligibility requirements for SNAP assistance (food stamps) and impose a stricter work requirement (on top of the Trump admin push to give SNAP recipients boxed surplus food instead of food stamps!).  Faso apparently won’t accept, or won’t admit, that most people who receive SNAP benefits already work.   Much of the hardship our struggling neighbors face is that their jobs don’t pay enough.  Between medical insurance, car payments, student loans, etc., many working families have to make hard choices between food and other daily necessities.

Conservatives like Faso won’t let facts get in the way of their heartlessness.  They say that making benefits even more scarce than they already are will make benefit recipients “more independent”.  But this is just another form of dog-whistle politics.  Faso’s base sees SNAP recipients mostly as people of color who are freeloaders.  It’s the latest version of the Welfare Queen lounging on her sofa all day and having children.  But that’s not who SNAP recipients are.

This pervasive conservative myth is diametrically opposed to the teachings of every significant spiritual leader throughout history, not to mention Jesus.  By Faso’s logic, we should leave drowning people to fend for themselves.  If they make it back to shore, they’ve learned a valuable lesson.  If they don’t, it’s their own damned fault.

It’s just a mean attitude dressed up as phony principle.  And we have to hold Faso to it.  He won’t vote to raise the minimum wage.  He supports barriers to overtime pay.  He won’t do anything meaningful to make comprehensive health insurance more affordable.  But he will make it harder for people to get SNAP assistance.  We need a Rep who cares about the least of us, not the plutocrats.  We need to fire Faso. Keep resisting…


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