Between the bombing of Syria, the Michael Cohen search warrant, and the claim that Michael Cohen met with Russians in Prague, it’s been a crazy week for the careening Trump administration.  It’s easy to get caught up in all of the scandal and intrigue pouring from Washington.  But we can’t lose sight of our main goal, to rid NY-19 of John Faso this November.

A heartening story in the New York Times this weekend gave an in depth look at the most improbable of states to be hit by a Blue Wave this fall – Texas.  That’s right, there are a number of races in the reliably red Lone Star state this November that are shockingly competitive for Democrats.  Many of the challengers have deep roots in the community, and many (thankfully) break the typical Texas mold of who a candidate should be:

Several of the most truly competitive House races in the country are in Texas, which could wind up providing Democrats three or more of the 24 flipped seats that they need for control of the chamber. The state tells the tale of the November midterms as well as anywhere else. The appeal of youth, of first-timers, of women, of veterans and of candidates of color will be tested here.

This article is an optimistic read to start the week, and as we approach primary season in NY-19, the article may also be instructive in how to choose our eventual candidate, and how to proceed toward the general election.  A lot of good things are happening out there in the political arena, and we should do our best to learn from them, but we can’t take anything for granted.  Let’s keep working to Fire Faso and do our part to win back the House.


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