Two huge news stories broke last night.

1 – Trump, along with England and France, authorized a missile strike on Syrian chemical weapons plants.  Many missiles were reportedly intercepted but, at the time of this writing, at least 3 chemical plants were hit according to the NY Times.

2 – McClatchy News claimed that the Mueller investigation had evidence that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen was in Prague in 2016.

The first item has grave consequences for Syria, and may draw us further into a nasty and protracted conflict because Trump characterized the strike as open-ended, and strikes appear to be ongoing through the night so it may be days before the operation ends.  But the strikes may turn out to be a message about ceasing chemical weapons, rather than a commitment to a new strategy of engagement.

Incredibly, the second item may be of greater importance to the nation, and it’s possible that the second item was part of the reason why Trump pulled the trigger and authorized the first item.  The infamous Steele Dossier, whose contents slowly continue to be confirmed by the Mueller probe, claimed that Trump lawyer Michael Cohen held a secret meeting in Prague in 2016 with Russian officials to collude with the Russians to help Trump win the election.  Michael Cohen vehemently denied that he had ever been to Prague and cited this as evidence that the Steele Dossier was false.

But if it’s true that the Mueller probe has evidence that Cohen was in fact in Prague, partly corroborating the claim that he met with Russian officials, it blows the Trump “no collusion” and “phony dossier” claims out of the water.  It appears likely that:

  1. Michael Cohen lied about Prague.
  2. The Trump campaign colluded with Russia.
  3. A piece of the Steele Dossier is again proven true, adding further credence to the entire document.

Here is the McClatchy scoop in full:

So the same day breaking news added weight to the proposition that the Trump Campaign colluded with Russia, Trump joins our allies in a significant missile attack on Syria.  Coincidence?

Michael Cohen is in deep trouble, and is now the target of a criminal probe.  Yet another of the Trump inner circle is in grave legal jeopardy.  Mueller is one step closer to proving collusion.  No part of the Steele Dossier has been disproven, and much of it has been confirmed.

The Trump Administration is the most corrupt of the modern era, and we still don’t know the half of it.  We can’t let missile strikes, affairs with porn stars, or out-of-wedlock children distract us from the cancer on our Democracy that is growing in the White House.  Without the rule of law, we are lost.  We must stand up for the rule of law, and demand that nobody is above the law, especially the president.  We must insist that Mueller be allowed to finish the investigation.

NoShowFaso will be of no help to us.  He’s too beholden to billionaire plutocrats to make any waves pushing against a corrupt executive branch.  So let’s keep working to vote him out in November and begin to end the lunacy of the Trump catastrophe.



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