Parts of James Comey’s new book were released to the media yesterday detailing his career and interactions with Trump, and in it he pulled no punches about his opinion of the president.

“This president is unethical, and untethered to truth and institutional values,” Comey writes. “His leadership is transactional, ego driven and about personal loyalty.” – Michiko Kakutani, NY Times

The RNC has already started a disgraceful smear campaign against Comey, creating a website entitled “Lyin’ Comey”.  Apparently they are now taking their cues not from the Republican establishment but from Trump.

At the same time, Trump’s White House has reportedly been busy creating talking points that attack Assistant AG Rod Rosenstein, pushing the notion that Rosenstein has too many conflicts of interest to oversee the Mueller investigation.  Getting rid of Rosenstein would be the first step toward stopping the Mueller probe, and might in itself constitute an impeachable obstruction of justice.

The best review and distillation of Trump’s current predicament was provided today by Charles Blow in the New York Times.  It’s an extraordinary must-read:

Trump’s team is now saying that he won’t sit down for an interview with Mueller, freeing Mueller up to accelerate the pace of his report to Congress, which will almost certainly accuse the president of criminal obstruction of justice.  As the pressure on Trump increases and the pace of leaks and disclosures quickens, our democracy is approaching a crisis.  Expect events to move ever more rapidly.

Meanwhile, Mike Pompeo testified in his Secretary of State confirmation hearing in front of the Senate today (he is a right-wing extremist masquerading as a sensible person), and more corruption emerged from the Pruitt EPA, and a new allegation surfaced from a former Trump-Tower doorman that Trump had an affair years ago with a (now former) housekeeper that produced a child. But these stories are mere distraction compared to the constitutional crisis that Trump seems to be careening toward.

So what does John Faso do?  He ignores the metastasizing scandals and corruption in the Trump Administration and instead Tweets that our school children should have more milk and flavored milk in their diet.  Faso’s the most feckless, impotent Congressional Rep that plutocrat money can buy (he still got 9,000+ signatures and will be on the ballot this November).  Let’s keep working to repeal and replace him with someone with backbone enough to stand up to a corrupt and possibly criminal president.  Meanwhile, keep your seatbelts fastened.

*(Yesterday’s blog was mislabeled Day 448 – should have been 447)

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