Suppose for a moment that the Democrats are able to retake the House of Representatives this November.  And further suppose that the Mueller investigation finds that Trump has been involved in some sort of wrongdoing, whether it’s collusion or campaign finance crimes or money laundering or whatever.  The Democrats will likely move to impeach him.  If they have a simple majority of “yes” votes, then the impeachment will go to the Senate for a “trial” where Trump can answer the impeachment charges.

A egomaniac like Trump will almost certainly never resign.  He’ll fight until the bitter end, even if it means burning every cherished American institution to the ground.  So will the Senate be able to muster the two-thirds majority vote needed to remove Trump from office?  Perhaps, if his crimes are heinous and clearly proven.  But it’s not difficult to imagine the Republicans turning their collective backs on the rule of law and all voting “no”, leaving Trump in office.  What then?

The ultimate check on a corrupt and tyrannical President is the voting booth.  Electing Democrats to Congress in the mid-terms this year will be crucial, as noted above.  But our best chance to jettison Trump may not arrive until 2020.  His stubborn core of supporters will never abandon him, but many people who voted for him are not part of that tribal core, and some of them have already turned on Trump and his message.

The Washington Post just published an interesting account of five people actively engaged in the effort to elect Democrats, and two of them are former Trump voters.  It’s only anecdotal, but it’s nonetheless heartening to know that Trump’s voters are not a monolith.  Not all of them are supremacists.  Not all of them are hostile to immigrants.  Some of them are desperate and just wanted to shake things up.  Some were fooled into thinking Trump was a successful business man.  Some of them regret their votes, and now see clearly what a grotesque fraud and huckster Trump really is.  Here is the article:

The Democrat voters in this story are already with us, already horrified by Trump and committed to voting him out.  The Trump voters are the folks we can bring to our side if we listen to their fears and concerns.  These are the same people that may or may not vote for Faso.  NY-19 is a large district but the midterm election could come down to a handful of votes.  We need to assume that every single vote counts.  The blue wave will helping us forward, but we can’t leave anything to chance.  We have to embrace anyone who may look at Trump and his enablers with concern, even those who voted for him.

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