In case you spent yesterday in a media blackout, Trump’s lawyer Michael Cohen had his law office, hotel room and home raided by the FBI on a search warrant out of the Southern District Federal Court in NYC.  Apparently the Mueller investigation uncovered evidence that was germane to an investigation happening in the Southern District, so they advised prosecutors in NYC to review the evidence, which was then taken to a judge who authorized a search warrant.  The search of a law office requires a significantly higher bar than a regular search, so the evidence of a crime or the cover-up of a crime must have been compelling, and this was an astonishing development.  What must the investigators have found on Cohen??

Later in the day, at a press conference regarding Syria, Trump lost his cool and went on an unhinged rant about Mueller, saying that the search of Cohen was an attack on America, that it was a witch hunt, that Mueller has found nothing (even though he has multiple indictments and multiple guilty pleas) and has said there was no collusion (Mueller never said this).  So Trump spewed the same lies he has been spreading for months, but with much more anger, which his body-language affirmed. And he also mused about possibly firing Mueller (though he can’t do it directly – he would have to fire Rosenstein and replace him with a person willing to create a Constitutional crisis). With the Mueller probe now deeply investigating Trump’s personal lawyer & fixer & enforcer & errand boy, Trump is becoming increasingly freaked out and desperate.

Bear in mind that an innocent President would say “the investigation will exonerate me.” But Trump’s words and actions are those of a GUILTY person.

As activists we must be ready to take to the streets if Trump tries to further obstruct the investigation, especially if he replaces Rosenstein.  We’ll need to get in Faso’s face and implore him to side with justice, not fascism.  We are a nation of laws.  If the rule of law no longer matters, we are all screwed.  Nobody is above the law, including the President, and we must continue to make this point.  Mueller & the DOJ have been following the law, along with a wide array of judges, most of whom are all Republicans.

An inscription above the entrance to the New York State Supreme Court at 60 Centre Street in Manhattan reads, “The True Administration of Justice is the Firmest Pillar of Good Government”, which is a slight misquote from a compelling letter written by George Washington.  Without the pillar of justice, Democracy collapses.  At all costs, we must keep that pillar from falling.


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