The Cook political report recently changed their ratings of 13 congressional districts in favor of Democrats, which is excellent news.  Unfortunately, NY-19 was not on their list.  They still call our district a “Toss Up – Republican”, which means it’s close but slightly favors No Show Faso.  Here’s the broader story in Huff Post:

We have a lot of hard work ahead, and Faso’s people are finally raising their profile on social media.  They are knocking on doors for him and trolling some of our NY-19 primary candidates, which they have not done much of previously.

One good thing about the primary period for our activism is that we can hammer Faso on the issues, but his supporters don’t yet have a single opponent on which to focus their attacks.  So we should take advantage of this time by honing our message of opposition to Faso, and defining the issues that are a liability to him, allowing our eventual candidate to move forward with a positive vision with much of the Faso-framing already in place.

May your weekend be restful.  Keep resisting…

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