It looks like EPA head Scott Pruitt is hanging onto his job by his fingernails after a week of non-stop scandals involving him and his staff.  His transgressions have been significant, including hiring staff for no-show jobs, taking expensive trips on the taxpayer dime, and an appearance on a TV news show where he lied about raises he recently gave to certain staff.  Here’s a story about Pruitt retaliating against members of his staff who were not happy with his profligate spending:

In any other administration at any other time, Pruitt would have been long gone.  White House Chief of Staff John Kelly even told Trump to get rid of Pruitt, but Trump is resisting.  Trump likes Pruitt, in part because Pruitt is a good soldier and yes-man, and in part because Pruitt’s corruption resonates with Trump’s corruption–they “get” each other.  Here’s the news about Kelly wanting Pruitt fired:

A group of 64 House Democrats just sent a letter to Trump asking him to fire Pruitt, which may only harden Trump’s resolve to keep him.  But sooner or later, Pruitt will likely be pushed out.  Pruitt is an extraction industry insider and extreme partisan who would, it seems, gladly despoil the entire Earth if it made certain friendly oil and gas companies even wealthier than they already are.  He was and still is openly hostile to the long and historic mission of the EPA.  And he has done tremendous damage to the career workers and the actual work of the EPA, which was his aim from the start.  Yet in interviews he comes off as a surprisingly dim bulb–just like so many others in the Trump Administration, including Trump himself.

Ridding the EPA of Pruitt would be a good thing in a normal world.  But Trump has a knack for finding replacements that are even more corrupt, more incompetent, and more impossibly unqualified than the last.  But one thing is clear.  The Trump Administration is the most chaotic in history, with the most turnover in history, and Pruitt’s departure would simply add one more chapter to that already disqualifying and unacceptable story.

Hey Faso–why do you support such an obviously inept and unfit administration?  Why don’t you call out, condemn or criticize such obvious corruption at the EPA?  Why don’t you ever lead, instead of “looking into” and “studying” the horrifying headlines that come out of DC on a daily basis? It’s your job as a member of Congress to oversee the executive branch.

Your standard-bearer and your party are morally bankrupt.  And we are working hard to fire you.  

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